Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous is set to release September 2, 2021, and you may be wondering if the game has multiplayer. The answer is no. It only features single-player, though your friends can certainly watch you play.

While other CRPGs like Divinity: Original Sin II have added multiplayer, both local and online, into the game, Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous has elected not to do this. This means you cannot play with your friends either online or sitting side by side.

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Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous is the sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker and expands on its predecessor. It uses the Pathfinder tabletop system which developer Owlcat Games have taken and brought to life. Owlcat Games have crafted an expansive story that they believe is best experienced as a single-player story.

While you cannot play with others, this does mean you are free to experience the story however you see fit. You have sole control over your character and how they affect the world of Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous. There are 25 classes, 12 character races, and over a thousand abilities, feats, and spells for you to experiment with as well as nine Mythic Paths to choose from. This allows you to impact the story and influence it with your decisions as you see fit.

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