Omega Strikers is a fast-paced competitive title in which two teams of three compete to score the most goals and knock the opposing team out of the arena. With Omega Strikers seeing a popular reception on PC, you may be wondering if Omega Strikers will release on Nintendo Switch.

Will Omega Strikers be on Nintendo Switch?

The answer is no—Omega Strikers is not planned to release on Nintendo Switch. Currently, it is only available on PC and will be coming to mobile, both iOS and Android, at a later date. Odyssey Interactive has not made any announcements regarding a console release of any kind for Omega Strikers.

That being said, a Nintendo Switch release is not out of the question. With Omega Strikers’ launch on mobile, players will be able to use touchscreen controls which would translate well to the Switch. Additionally, there is already controller support, giving another form of input if Omega Strikers comes to Nintendo Switch.

If Omega Strikers continues to receive such a positive reception, Odyssey Interactive may very well port the title to the Nintendo Switch and other consoles. Crossplay is confirmed for the mobile release, so if it does come to Switch, you will likely already have a good player base to join.

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