Moonbreaker is a strategic turn-based title with a sci-fi theme. It is developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the team behind the popular Subnautica and Natural Selection 2. In addition to this, Brandon Sanderson has been brought on to assist with Moonbreaker’s worldbuilding. With this information, you may be wondering if Moonbreaker will be multiplayer and if there will be a story to it.

Does Moonbreaker have multiplayer?

The answer is yes—Moonbreaker does have multiplayer in the form of online PvP. There hasn’t been any word on offline multiplayer, but you will be able to compete against other players. As Moonbreaker is a strategic game, playing against other opponents will be the best way to learn and improve your skills.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Is Moonbreaker single-player?

While Moonbreaker will have an online PvP mode, there will also be offline modes to enjoy. Players can undertake a series of offline challenges, likely tutorials or challenge missions to learn new skills and master them. There will also be a painting mode in which you can paint your digital miniatures.

Is there a story in Moonbreaker?

The world of Moonbreaker was constructed with the help of Brandon Sanderson, the author behind the Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive series. Moonbreaker is a strategic digital tabletop game, but it appears it will have a story design similar to Overwatch, in which it is led by its characters.

We don’t know much yet, but Moonbreaker is set in a universe called the Reaches, comprised of many moons being held in orbit by a rare resource called Cinder. The official Moonbreaker website lists a few named characters and brief backgrounds, hinting at more story to come.

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