At first, Lawn Mowing Simulator sounds like a simple concept that boils down to hopping on a mower and grinding up some grass. However, Lawn Mowing Simulator (LMS) takes this action to a new level with an extensive catalogue of real, licensed mowers to choose from as well as handling contracts, managing employees, and expanding your lawncare empire. However, many mowers think that taking down a lawn solo isn’t enough and want to know if Lawn Mowing Simulator can be a multiplayer experience.

Multiplayer Mowing in Lawn Mowing Simulator?

Developer Thread

Unfortunately, at this time LMS does not have a multiplayer mode, nor does it have any way to connect with other players in-game. Even more unfortunate is that Skyhook Games, developers of Lawn Mowing Simulator, have no current plans in place for a multiplayer mode. Drazzan, one of the game’s devs, created a thread of FAQs for the game and revealed within that they are focused on the single-player side of the game. However, Drazzan also stated that the devs were looking into what a multiplayer mode for the game could look like, so there is some hope for a multiplayer mode in the game’s future.

Multiplayer Mods

Surely, however, there must be a multiplayer mod for the game? Or perhaps one in development? Once again, unfortunately, the answer seems to be no. Some websites and downloads exist that allow for cheats to be added into the game (unlimited money, fuel, etc.), but as for mods and multiplayer, hopefully, the future will hold some good news for mowing buddies. However, though less realistic, Roblox actually offers multiplayer lawn mowing and offers codes for players to unlock items for free.

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