If you are wondering if Kyle Crane is in Dying Light 2, the answer is no, but he has been referenced. In short, the Developers of Dying Light 2 early on in the game’s news cycle stated that none of the previous game’s characters would be in Dying Light 2.

The reason is that Dying Light 2 is a brand new story from the perspective of new characters and follows an account separate from Dying Light 1. However, this does not mean certain characters will not get name-dropped or some events referenced.

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In fact, Kyle was just recently mentioned in a gameplay trailer by a character who said, “I wish crane could have seen this.” On the other hand, some theories speculate that Kyle will return in some form.

Some say he will be an easter egg of sorts, and others state that he may return as an antagonist. The logic behind this theory is due to one of the previous game’s endings that resulted in a drastic change for Mr.Crane.

However, it’s worth pointing out that none of the endings of the previous game were declared canon yet, so we don’t know anything for sure. Until then, we recommend taking such theories with a grain of salt until we hear them confirmed from someone over at Techland. 

For more on Dying Light 2, stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming week and months before release. 

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