Grounded, a game full of big adventures in a little world, was in early access for a few years before its full release on September 27, 2022. As new players find themselves exploring the dangerous world of their own backyard, they might need a little help from friends.

Is Grounded Cross Platform?

Grounded is on Xbox Game Pass and is available for both Xbox consoles and PC through the Windows Store or Xbox App, meaning that it is cross platform. The miniature adventure is also available on Steam for $39.99. This gives players numerous options for how and where to experience this unique survival title.

Is Grounded Multiplayer/Co-op?

Grounded supports up to three players in a session, with one player acting as the host. This also includes cross-platform play between all versions of the game. And thanks to the Shared Worlds feature, players can continue their adventure in the shared world even if the host is offline. Any and all progress made will be saved. This makes Grounded well-suited for your co-op endeavors.

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