Genshin Impact is one of the most game-changing free-to-play games in recent history. When it launched, it presented an open world full of stories and colorful characters and has been updated around every six weeks since then. Is Genshin Impact still going as strong as it was at the start, or has the game started to shrink?

 Is Genshin Impact losing players?

Genshin Impact is still doing incredibly well, but yes and no. The game is still having new people join, but you will find that many long-time players will take a break during the slower patches, which gives the illusion of a falling player base. It can also be a bit difficult to gauge due to the single-player aspect of the game not letting you see a hub full of players.

One of the best ways to gauge the health of the game is by looking at Genshin Lab’s revenue chart, which shows the fanbase is very active. Raiden Shogun is the top-selling banner, which shows that more players popped in at Inazuma’s peak.

Genshin’s player base usually spikes when a major piece of content, like Inazuma, is added, generally gaining it more players than ever before. This is something seen with all live service games. For example, Final Fantasy 14 had such a massive spike with Endwalker released that people couldn’t log in for hours at a time.

Genshin Impact is a stable game now, and players will always come and go. What important is that it’s still making an incredible amount of money. You can always see the game floating near the top of the app store, and if you go to things like conventions, Genshin Impact cosplay now dominates the floor. We, of course, can’t gauge Genshin’s true growth or decline until HoYoverse officially releases player data.

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