There have been murmurs that changes are set to come in the near future for the FIFA franchise. While this is true, they are not as dire as some fans had feared. FIFA 23 will not be the end of the series, just a change of hands for the future.

Will FIFA 23 be the last game for FIFA?

To put it simply, no, FIFA 23 will not be the last FIFA game. It will, however, be the last FIFA game made by Electronic Arts. The larger FIFA franchise itself is expected to survive and have future titles for the indefinite future. Of course, the end of FIFA could come at any time, but it’s not currently expected.

Who will make FIFA after EA?

Fans may be a bit anxious to know who will be handling the FIFA series after Electronic Arts are gone. There has currently been no confirmation of who will be partnering with FIFA for their next sports game. Since FIFA 23 is still new on the scene in 2022, it might be quite a while before fans receive word of whom the torch will be passed on to.

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