EA FIFA 22 is one of the most popular football-based simulation video games. While the local game mode is fun, it is the online FUT game mode that pours in all the money and keeps the player base engaged. Like most live service games on the market, FIFA 22 also often faces network or server unavailable issues. Due to the sheer enormity of the title, the origin of a down server may stem from a wide variety of reasons, ranging from scheduled maintenance to game-breaking server-side bugs. 

So, if you are FIFA 22 player and currently facing server issues for more than a few hours, you must start by checking the official Twitter handle of EA FIFA for any scheduled maintenance or patch update downtime. You can also visit the EA support page to see any ongoing community forums about servers. If you don’t find tweets or discussions, your next best option is to visit third-party websites like downdetector for other server outage complaints. 

At the time of publishing the article, the downdetector is displaying major server outages with FIFA 22. Players from different parts of the globe are reporting issues with the login and the unavailability of the game server.

What are the other alternatives to downdetector? 

Apart from downdetector, you can make use of the following portals.

  • Pingbreak
  • UptimeMate
  • Pingdom

If the problem persists for more than a week, it is better to contact EA Support to identify and deploy a custom-tailored solution for you.

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