If you are wondering if the first Dying Light is cross-platform, the answer is no. In short, the first Dying Light is not cross-platform, nor will it ever be since it’s an older title. 

But it’s not just the fact it’s an older title. It also doesn’t make much sense to implement a cross-play feature to the game years after release. This is especially the case if you consider that Dying Light 2 is becoming the main focus of TechLand, the developers of the original game.  

The developers have also stated they plan to support Dying Light 2 years down the line with updates and DLC similar to how they handled the first game. 

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That said, if you were hoping to play with friends on other systems in Dying Light one, it’s sadly not possible. Because of this, both you and your friends will need to be on the same system and platform.

But on the plus side, cross-gen but not cross-play has been confirmed for Dying Light 2 at launch. So if you are a fan of the Dying Light series, you will finally be able to play with friends on different generation console or platforms.

How cross-play in Dying Light 2 would work

Cross-play will allow for cross-platform play between all major systems. However, cross-play on consoles will not work at launch, and only cross-play between PC and Epic Games will be working on release day.

For more on Dying Light 2, stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming week and months before release. 

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