This is a very important question for all Guardians who want to play with their friends no matter what platform they play on. The short answer to this question is Yes…but it wasn’t always.

Many fans of the title had been requesting cross-play compatibility for years. So, after players pleaded for it and a few unofficial test runs were done, Destiny 2 officially launched crossplay on August 24 when Season 15, Season of the Lost, started.

How It Works

For Guardians trying to play together on separate platforms, Bungie introduced their new Bungie Name system. Just like any other cross-play multiplayer game, you should notice a # symbol and a string of four numbers next to your name. This new naming convention allows players from any platform to join a fire team and play together.

In addition, players from all platforms can now randomly matchmake together in any activity. This provides for a larger matchmaking pool and, therefore, a quicker matchmaking load time. 

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Finding Friends

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Guardians can now find friends through the Roster tab in the Director Menu. Click on the Manage Invites tab on the left side of your screen to get started.

There are a few ways of connecting with your friends on different platforms now. One way is by searching for their Bungie name in the Search Bar. Make sure to include the # symbol and four numbers after their name. 

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The other way is by going to Here you can easily see a list of your Bungie friends, pending requests from others, or your own friend requests.

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