What’s not to love about dwarves in space mining for materials while blasting hordes of aliens? Since its release, Deep Rock Galactic has grown in popularity and is available on Xbox and PC. That said, players may be wondering if Deep Rock Galactic is cross platform.

The answer is yes—kind of. The Windows 10 and Xbox versions are both crossplay and cross progression. The Steam version of Deep Rock Galactic is not crossplay but does have cross progression if you manually use it. Reddit user LunarEcklipse has posted a guide to transfer your data.

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Progressions through the Windows 10 and Xbox One versions automatically save your progress as an Xbox Play Anywhere title. If you wish to transfer anything from Steam to these versions, you must use the above method.

The Steam version of Deep Rock Galactic also does not support crossplay which means you cannot play with those on the Xbox or Windows. So think carefully before you purchase Deep Rock Galactic, and maybe check if any of your friends have it or are interested in it!

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