Cult of the Lamb is an action RPG dungeon crawler by Massive Monster and Devolver Digital. You play as a lamb spared from a cult’s sacrifice and tasked with creating a cult of your own. This is done by crusading through the Old Lands, recruiting followers, and building up your camp before you die. With death and resurrection playing themes, you may wonder if Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike.

The answer is yes—Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike title. When you die, you are returned to your camp and lose a portion of your resources. This loop continues with you crusading through the Old Lands, gathering resources and followers to build up your camp and cult.

Is there a story in Cult of the Lamb?

Despite its roguelike mechanics, there is a story in Cult of the Lamb. The beginning of the game sees you in the midst of being sacrificed, but at the last second, you are spared from execution and saved by the One Who Waits. This ancient deity then bestows its Red Crown and powers upon you, instructing you to create a cult in its name.

Throughout the game, you must defeat the four cult leaders of the Old Faith, spread your sermon, and create a powerful cult. You are assisted by Ratau, the One Who Waits’ old follower. Together, you must defeat the heretics and conquer four mysterious regions. As you progress, you will uncover more of Cult of the Lamb’s story.

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