Coral Island is a cozy adventure set on a tropical island where you are tasked with restoring a farm to life. Along the way, you will meet the island’s residents, enjoy numerous activities, and even play with friends. With Coral Island having multiplayer functionality, you may be wondering if there will be cross-platform features.

Will Coral Island be crossplay?

While Coral Island will receive multiplayer in the full release, it is more unclear if there will be cross-platform. The developers have stated on the Kickstarter page that they would like to incorporate crossplay for Coral Island but cannot confirm this. Incorporating cross-platform play is more complicated, so it may not be available right away, if ever.

If cross-platform were to be added to Coral Island, you would be able to play multiplayer across different platforms. This means you could play on PC with your friends on Nintendo Switch. Without crossplay, you can only play with those on the same platform as yourself.

If cross-platform is added to Coral Island, it will likely be after the full release. So if you and your friend are looking to play together on different consoles, you will need to be patient or simply play on the same platform.

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