Tower of Fantasy has added a bunch of new content with the release of update 1.5 Artificial Island Version. The update features a new region in the form of Artificial Island, and also features a new co-operative game mode, and a limited time event. However, generating the most buzz in the update is the new SSR weapon and simulacra, Claudia. In this guide, we’ll go over how Claudia works, and whether you should pull for her in Tower of Fantasy.

Should you get Claudia in Tower of Fantasy?

Whether you should get Claudia or not comes down to your personal team comp preference. Claudia is a high-damage output Simulacra, and her weapon of choice is the Guren Blade. Owing to her damage dealing potential, she is best paired in DPS team comps. To make the most out of Claudia, pair her with other Physical simulacra like Shiro or Bai Ling in order to increase Physical Resonance. However, with no Advancement, Claudia has little to offer in terms of team utility. Therefore, we suggest pulling for Claudia only if you are able to get a duplicate, and then Advance her to 1-star.

Claudia’s Advancement Skills in Tower of Fantasy

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As mentioned above, Claudia is a high damage simulacra. With her Guren Blade, she can do multiple slashing attacks and strikes. Here are all the bonus buffs you will receive by Advancing Claudia in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 1-star: After hitting a target with a skill or discharge ability, increase damage dealt by 8% for 25 seconds. This can stack up to three times, adding up to a total of 24% damage increase when fully stacked.
  • 2-star: Increase current weapons base attack growth by 16%.
  • 3-star: After hitting a target with a skill or discharge ability, gain one stack of War Wounds. This stack increases physical damage and shatter from Physical weapons by 10% for 15 seconds.
  • 4-star: Increase current weapons base attack growth by 32%.
  • 5-star: After hitting a target with a skill or discharge ability, gain 20% weapon skill damage for 25 seconds.
  • 6-star: Skills hitting the same target multiple times no longer reduces damage dealt. After using Guren Blade’s skill or discharge ability, all targets with War Wounds within 8 meters will gain an additional stack of War Wounds.

Claudia’s Awakening Traits:

  • 1200 Awakening Points: Blink
    • Go invisible for 1 second upon dodging.
  • 4000 Awakening Points: Shadow
    • Go invisible for 1.5 seconds upon dodging.

How to get Claudia in Tower of Fantasy

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Players stand a chance to obtain Claudia for a limited time from the Limited Order Banner, Bladelaw. This banner can be found in the Special Orders page, and can be purchased in exchange for Red Nucleus. However, owing to the gacha system, players might need to make several pulls before getting Claudia.

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