Every so often a website pops up that advertises free Robux in exchange for the user’s time. Blox.green, also known as Blox.land is one of those websites. Long story short: Blox.green website is a scam and should be avoided by all Roblox players.

Blox.Green – Everything You Need to Know

Below is a list of common questions surrounding Blox.green, along with why you should avoid getting scammed.

What is Blox.green?

Blox.green is a website that advertises itself as a free Robux generator in exchange for the user’s time and personal information. The website is designed to look appealing and user-friendly by showcasing “real” users who have earned Robux through the site, but this is intended to manipulate users. Although it promises free Robux for completing surveys, this method does not work.

Blox.green is not the first website on the Internet that promises free Robux in exchange for your time. Many other scam websites exist such as Blox.land, Blox and survey websites are associated with scams. which you should never do.

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What is a Robux Generator?

Robux generators are often associated with websites that scam users for personal information. As far as we know, there is no actual generator that hands out Robux to players for free. Although Blox.green does not ask for the user’s password, users should never give out their personal information (username included) to a website that is not affiliated with the Roblox company.

Blox.green is not affiliated with the Roblox company in any capacity.

What are Robux?

Robux is the currency used on the Roblox platform. Although most of the experiences on Roblox are free-to-play, there is still paid content on the platform. That’s where Robux comes in. In exchange for real money, users can spend Robux on cosmetic Avatar items, Gamepasses, and additional in-game purchases like pets and level boosts.

Robux should only ever be spent on the Roblox platform.

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How do I get Robux for free?

Microsoft Rewards Promotion

The only known way to get “free” Robux is through a promotional partnership the Roblox company made with Microsoft. By signing up for Microsoft Rewards, users can earn Microsoft Rewards points by using the Bing search engine and completing additional Microsoft-related activities.

After earning enough points, users can redeem the points on Microsoft in exchange for a Roblox Digital Code card. While technically free, it takes quite a long time to earn enough points for a digital code. Check out our Microsoft Rewards: Get Robux for Free in Roblox guide for a more in-depth understanding.


Popular Roblox content creators like DeeterPlays often host giveaways for free Roblox and/or free Avatar items. Even then, the user should be wary of who they provide their username. It should only ever be an established, reputable content creator or Roblox studio like Uplift Games, the studio behind Adopt Me. In most cases, we opt to never hand out our username to anyone we don’t know.

How do I buy Robux?

Robux can be purchased from physical Roblox gift cards that are available from most major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop, and more. Digital codes can also be purchased on the Roblox website. Users should only purchase Robux from these reputable sources.

For a deeper understanding of Robux, check out our Roblox Price Guide: How much do Robux cost? and How to redeem Roblox Gift Cards on Pro Game Guides.

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