In the Warhammer Fantasy lore, one of the most compelling figures is the Daemon Prince Be’lakor (or “Belakor”). A figure who draws equal ire from both the forces of order and the malevolent Chaos gods, Be’lakor has his own agenda within the Warhammer world.

In Total War: Warhammer 3, Be’lakor is the primary antagonist of the story. Having imprisoned Ursun, the bear god of Kislev, he looks to become a deity in his own right, similar to the likes of Khorne or Slaanesh.

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Defeating Be’lakor is the main objective of both the Kislev and Grand Cathay factions. Meanwhile, almost every faction in the game, including other Chaos forces, would benefit from removing Be’lakor from the map.

Representing Chaos Undivided, Be’lakor’s aims are similar to the other Chaos Legion armies, although far more insidious. In the Warhammer lore, Be’lakor has been responsible for Chaos incursions in the ruined city of Mordheim, into Kislev, and even plays a part in the End Times. In Total War: Warhammer 3, his aims are no less massive, and the ultimate goal of his campaign is expected to be nothing less than the beginning of the End Times again.

To bring this incredible villain to life, developer Creative Assembly has given the Daemon Prince the voice of Richard Armitage. The actor who portrayed Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit trilogy lends his voice to this lord of Chaos, bringing gravitas to the Daemon’s plans.

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