Some of us might be familiar with the Fortnite and Batman comic book crossover that happened in the first half of 2021. Based on recent leaks, it looks like they might do a similar crossover event that could bring in a new Batman cosmetic: Batman Who Laughs.

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This is unconfirmed and leaked information, which means that there is no official word from Epic Games about its validity. However, popular Fortnite Twitter persona iFireMonkey has recently posted a Tweet that displays the upcoming cover art for one of the new Fortnite/Batman comics.

On the cover art, you can see Batman and The Foundation dueling, with a menacing Batman Who Laughs as a backdrop. This strongly indicates that Batman Who Laughs will at the very least have influence over the events in the comic, and could very well end up being a Fortnite Skin himself.

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Unfortunately, not much is known yet about what this cover art might mean. There have been characters in the Fortnite/Batman comics that have never appeared in Fortnite. However, none of them have had such a prominent presence on the front page of a comic!

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