Apex Legends is one of the biggest and most popular games on PC. Because of this, its servers are under constant stress from the number of players attempting to connect. Sometimes this causes login errors, server issues, or just poor connection to the platform. In these situations, it’s hard to determine what is causing the problem.

Apex Legends Server Status

Apex Legends Twitter

  • Apex Legends Twitter

The most reliable way to get information on the server status for major outages is through Apex Legends Twitter. They have a record of reporting any notable outages that many players are experiencing, then updating the status when the issue is resolved. However, the Twitter account doesn’t report small or local outages and isn’t always the fastest method.

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Unofficial Apex Legends Status

  • Unofficial Apex Legends Status

An Apex Legends fan put together a website specifically dedicated to reporting the status of the Apex Legends servers. This website not only shows you if the servers are down, but it shows you what servers are down (account, play, etc.) and on which platforms (Steam, PlayStation, etc.). This is the best method to quickly determine if connection errors are on your end or the server’s, and is consistently updated in real-time.

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Those are the best two methods to check the current Apex Legends Server Status!

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