If you are wondering if a Runescape membership is worth buying, the answer is a huge yes. In short, Runescape memberships offer many features and perks that free-to-play players do not have. For example, owning a Runescape membership will allow you to use teleport rings to travel great distances across the game world. Other features include the following listed below: 

  • Chances to get powerful weapons and armor.
  • New Spells.
  • More food and potions.
  • Membership quests.
  • Farming money is easier.
  • Fast Travel and traveling are more accessible.
  • 10 Exclusive Skills. 

Overall, owning a Runescape membership is a must-have if you want to get the most out of Runescape. Luckily, you don’t have to use real money to purchase Runescape memberships. Runescape memberships can be purchased using in-game currency called bonds that you can purchase over at the Great Exchange.

How to get bonds in Runescape

If you want to get bonds in Runescape, you must purchase them at the Great Exchange. At the Great Exchange, you can purchase bonds for millions of gold. But you need to farm gold if you do not have millions of gold lying around. That said, use the following methods listed below to farm tons of gold:

  • Sell cowhides: One of the best methods is to farm cowhides northeast of Lumbridge. By farming cowhides, you can make a ton of gold if you sell them over at the Great Exchange.
  • Farm Chickens: Another good method to farm gold is to kill chickens and sell the raw meat, bones, and feathers at the Great Exchange.

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