Follow Amicia and Hugo once more in A Plague Tale: Requiem and experience the heart-pounding tale of this brother and sister. They are once more on the run as Hugo’s power awakens, but they hope at the end of their journey, this time, they hope they will truly find a safe haven. With A Plague Tale: Requiem releasing on multiple platforms, you may be wondering if A Plague Tale: Requiem will be coming to Game Pass.

Is A Plague Tale Requiem on Game Pass?

The answer is yes—A Plague Tale: Requiem will be available on Game Pass on October 18, 2022, the day it launches. You will be able to download the title through Game Pass on PC or Xbox. This means those already subscribed to the subscription will be able to play A Plague Tale: Requiem for free.

If you are not subscribed to Game Pass, you will have to purchase A Plague Tale: Requiem as normal. The same goes for those on other platforms, as Game Pass is only available for PC and Xbox. For those not waiting on Game Pass, A Plague Tale: Requiem is available for pre-order.

That being said, Game Pass typically features deals where it is available for $1 for the first month, which should give you plenty of time to play and complete A Plague Tale: Requiem. Once it launches on Game Pass, simply download the title and enjoy.

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