Lost Ark is full of content, including dungeons. As the player progresses, these dungeons become more complicated. One of these is the King’s Tomb Dungeon. It has numerous split paths, which may leave the player wondering if it matters which direction they go in this dungeon.

The answer is no—it does not matter which direction you go. There are no collectibles or secrets hidden on any of the paths.

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The only thing that seems to change about each path is the mini objectives the player faces. For example, one path may ask the player to defeat a certain number of monsters, while another may ask them to activate a certain number of objects. These differences are trivial in the grand scheme of things.

So, if you find yourself stressing out about which path to take in the King’s Tomb Dungeon, don’t worry about it. All paths allow you to get the collectibles and face the boss at the end without missing out.

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