If you have played Grand Theft Auto V then you will be aware that there are impound lots in the game. These are apparent when you leave your car unattended for a small length of time, and it gets picked up for you to retrieve later… for a price. But there is actually only one lot in the GTA Online section, so where is it?

One thing to note is that if you are all the way up in Sandy Shores and cannot face the drive of heading to Downtown Los Santos to retrieve your car from the lot, you can call the Insurance option in your phone, and they will get it for you as well as bring it to your current location.

Image via Sportskeeda

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If you are in the area, however, and want to go pick it up yourself you will find it on the corner of Rancho/Roy Lowenstein Blvd in Davis as pictured above.

To retrieve your car you will need to pay a $250 Fee, or you can try your hand at stealing it. If you choose to try and get it back for free you will automatically gain a two star wanted level whilst attempting to get to your vehicle.

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