As you explore the land of Immortals Fenyx Rising, unlocking abilities and riding around the land on your epic mount! You’ll no doubt come across treasure chests that you cannot open. So how do you open them? We’ve got you covered!

How to Skip Time

To skip time in Immortals Fenyx Rising, all you need to is press and hold the T key if playing on PC, or if playing on consoles, press and hold the Options/Start button on your controller. This will make Fenyx sit on the ground, and time will pass depending on the current time.

If it’s daytime in Immortals Fenyx Rising, then skipping time will make it night-time and, of course, vice versa. Skipping time helps you when you are exploring, as there are two chest types. Daytime chests, and night-time chests, so depending on the time of day, some are locked, and some can be opened.

Also, when you rest, aka skip time, you have the option to reset Myth Challenges, which is handy if you are struggling to complete one, as they can get pretty tricker as your progress through the game. Myth Challenges become available once you reach the Hall of the Gods. Though remember, only skip time when it’s safe to do so!

It might seem annoying to keep skipping the time of day, but the chests are honestly worth the effort, especially if you want an easier time with the game, as they contain upgrade materials and gear.

Immortals Fenyx Rising does have autosave, but it’s best to know how to manually save. Also, why not learn how to heal, how to increase your maximum health and stamina, and how to tame a mount to travel around the world faster!

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