Immortals Fenyx Rising is the latest open-world made and developed by Ubisoft. The title resembles a match of multiple genres together, then mixed with the Greek Gods setting, and it’s quite a game. It is a title that you’ll be able to sink many hours of time into it, so it’s worthwhile learning how to manually save, so your data is safe!

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Save

To save in Immortals Fenyx Rising, can be done so from the main menu. From there, you have two different ways to save, locally and online. Locally will save the data on your PC or console, when online will save it to the Ubisoft Connect cloud, and you can access it from anywhere, as long as you are signed in to your account.

Depending on what platform you are playing Immortals Fenyx Rising, to open the main menu is dead simple, press Esc if playing on PC and press Start/Options if on console. From there, press/click the choice at the top called Save, and save it in any open slot you want, then confirm you want the game to be saved, and it’s done. To save it to the Ubisoft Connect cloud, just choose Online Save, then press/click Send Online, which will save the saved data to the cloud.

Worry not, if you have forgotten to save, Immortals Fenyx Rising does have an autosave, so it won’t lose all of your many hours’ worth of progress if you had forgotten to manually save. You may have lost some progress, but not much! But we recommend you to always manually save when you can, as you cannot rely solely on autosave.

How to load in Immortals Fenyx Rising

To load the game is just as simple; instead of choosing save from the main menu, press/click Load, which is the one underneath it, and choose the saved file that you want to load. If you are not sure which one is the latest save, the best way to figure out is to look at the date and the last time saved, as well as the length of time played.

If you want to load a save from the Ubisoft Connect cloud, press/click Online Save, and then press/click Load from Online, and this will load the save game that is stored in the clouds.

Now you know how to save, why not learn how to heal, how to increase your maximum health and stamina, and how to tame a mount to travel around the world faster!