Immortals Fenyx Rising, otherwise known as Gods and Monsters, is an open-world adventure game where you have to fight mythical beasts and other enemies on your path to glory! When playing, it might remind you of a few different games!

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How To Heal

There are a few ways to heal yourself in Immortals Fenyx Rising,  such as by eating food, drinking potions, and using abilities. Each one is valuable, as when you are exploring the land facing off against warriors and monsters, you never want to be at low health.

Healing is vital in games like Immortals Fenyx Rising, as you never want to be going into dangerous places, not knowing if you’ll encounter anything powerful or not. Your health bar at the beginning of the game is split into four segments, so each segment is a quarter of your life. When you take damage, it removes a certain chunk of your health bar. After combat, your health bar will refill automatically, but only up to the segment your health was in during the fight.

For example, if you started the fight at full health, and at the end of the fight, your health dipped halfway into the 2nd health segment or below half health. Your health will only regenerate up to the end of the 2nd segment, or half health; it will not regenerate into the 3rd segment or higher.

Eat Food

Food is always essential in video games, and Immortals Fenyx Rising is no different. When you explore the world, you’ll come across baskets filled with Pomegranates that you can consume to restore your HP. These will go into a food stack on your Left D-pad, where you can switch between food and potions.

Of course, potions will refill your health more instantly, but eating might push your health into the next health chunk, which means more health will regenerate after the battle.

Drinking Potions

On your travels, you will come across chests, and occasionally within these chests are health potions. To drink a health potion, press Left on the D-pad, and you will restore your health. This works in and out of combat, so do not hesitate to down one if you are upon death’s door.

These will revitalize your health more than any other health option in Immortals Fenyx Rising, so it’s best to save these for combat when you truly need them.

Using Abilities

As you progress through the game, you will eventually unlock different abilities, and one of them will be healing related. However, we recommend using this skill for emergencies only, as when you use an ability in Immortals Fenyx Rising, all abilities go into cooldown. Meaning you have to wait until the cooldown ends to use another one. It’s a group cooldown, not an individual one.

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