Amiibos have always been more of a collector’s item than being used for their gaming functionality, as the games they can be used on are few and far between. Though, it’s nice to know that the cute little figurines have not been forgotten, as they can be used with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity How to use amiibo

To use amiibo in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, you must select the amiibo option on the main menu. Scroll down to this option, but first, get your amiibo ready to be used, as a pop-up will appear telling you to place your amiibo over the NFC touchpoint on whatever controller you are using.

The NFC point differs on what controller you are using. If you are using the Pro Controller, then the center of the controller is the touchpoint. If you are using the Joy-cons, then it’s the analog on the right Joy-Con.

You can scan up to five amiibo per day, anymore and a notification will appear telling you you’ve reached your limit for the day.

You can’t receive more rewards from amiibo accessories today.”

By scanning any amiibo, and it doesn’t have to be The Legend of Zelda related, will earn you rewards for each one that you scan. The rewards will be different on each amiibo that you use, so for some, you may unlock some new weapons that can be used for weapon fusing; for others, you might receive materials or cooking ingredients. There is no downside to scanning amiibo, so scan five a day, and see what rewards you will get!

Sadly, there is no other amiibo functionality at this moment in time that we are aware of. If this changes, we will update the guide with any new information. Until then, remember to scan five different amiibos every day!

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