Hughette Bucklar, as with every character in Triangle Strategy, comes with a unique build. Her majestic hawk makes Hughette a flying unit and an indispensable asset. She gains a significant advantage striking from afar while out of harm’s way, and her learned skills make her custom fit for a range of uses, depending on the scenario.

Strategies for Hughette Bucklar

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Hughette benefits from the game’s default tactical advantage of striking from raised platforms. The higher the hawk will take her, the farther her short bow will hit.

She can also inflict blindness when you first recruit her. Her ability, Blinding Arrow, has a chance to blind enemy units for three turns—and this is her best defense if they can also hit her from a distance. Although Hughette already has a high evasion stat, enemies that can strike from afar will be her greatest weakness.

At level ten, Hughette will learn Shadowstitching Arrow, which may render enemy units immobile for two turns and inflict damage. At level 14, she learns A Rise in Range, increasing her attack range by two squares for subsequent turns. Level 18 brings the ability Focus, which not only raises accuracy and luck, but also grants an extra command—albeit, without another chance to move in the turn.

One of Hughette’s key advantages is the ability to trigger follow-up attacks of allies from a distance. If you strike an enemy unit from above and you have an ally on the opposite, adjacent side of that enemy, the ally will still follow up with an attack.

Class Promotions and Upgrades

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Hughette Bucklar’s class default is Hawkbow, but she can be promoted to Flyer with one Medal of Bravery at level ten. At level 20, she may be promoted to Master Flyer with a Medal of Valor.

You could find that promotion for Hughette isn’t as vital as that for other units, depending on your style of play, but this unit can hold her own in the fiercest melee battle while still flying off to retrieve spoils. Even if you use her to farm items or money, keep Hughette Bucklar around for promotion, if for nothing else than for her awesome hawk.

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