If you want to work for Bitlife in the game Bitlife, you will need to complete a few steps, which we will explain in this guide.

How to get a job at BitLife in BitLife

If you want to work for Bitlife, you will first need to create a character in Miami, Florida, as the company that makes Bitlife is based in that location. You will also need high smarts and finish college with a degree in computer science or anything science-related – after this, you will be able to get a job at Bitlife as an App developer.

To start this process of working for Bitlife, we recommend creating your character in the required location and then aging to the point where you can increase your smarts. When it is this point, you will be able to increase your smarts by reading books and by going to the library. 

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You could also reroll character until you get one with high smarts, but reading books will be enough to raise your smart stat from zero to 100. Once you get the smarts down, you will need to age to the point where you can go to college – when you reach this point, you will need to enroll in computer science. 

That being said, after you graduate, you will be able to work for Bitlife by finding a job position as an app developer at Candywriter. You will also need to check to make sure the position is for Candywriter, and if you don’t find it in the listing, try aging by one year or restarting the game.

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