After you’ve cleared the Crimson Maiden’s story, you’ll come across a young man hurrying towards the Heroes’ Dominion. If you go back to the Arena, you’ll find that they’re hosting an open tournament with Champion of the Sea as its prize. It’s the earliest Legendary Armor you can get in the game.

To win it, you’ll have to defeat three combatants: a scary woman, a scarier old man, and the very scary arena receptionist that manages the tournament.

Before anything, just remember one thing: only attempt the open tournament after you have the four maiden weapons. This will allow you to grind your team to roughly level 20, which should be enough to win you the competition.

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The woman is alone, so she’s easy to beat. The old man has two mobs with him but he mostly fights defensively. Your real problem is the arena receptionist—a beast with 300 HP and 34 Attack.

How to beat the arena receptionist

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  1. Have Lac use Surprise every two turns. Surprise lowers the enemy’s Attack, ensuring arena reception can’t one-hit KO you even with his buff on.
  2. Make sure Laty has Heal+ and Sharpness on.
  3. Buy Quality Omnisalves from Alabaster City or Fenmoss. Nobody in your team has an all-heal skill, so this will have to do.
  4. Equip a Legendary Weapon. After you have all four maiden weapons, you can go back to each of the Isle’s altars and pray for a spirit’s blessing. This will turn all four on them into true relics, the best weapons in the game.

After that, it’s just a matter of keeping your protagonist alive and making him attack the receptionist every turn. Lac and Laty will provide support. Laty will be your primary healer and buffer, while Lac will be your secondary healer (with Groom and Quality Omnisalves) and debuffer. Preparation is key to winning any fight.

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