Rocket will place a bet with Star-Lord at the beginning of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The one who destroys the most bug hives wins. If the player wins, they also win a trophy/achievement.

There won’t be many opportunities to score points after the bet begins. Rocket will also find ways to cheat to score more points. If the player can win these two spots, they will beat Rocket easily.

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Continually run with Rocket and Groot and destroy any spare hives until you reach a giant robot.

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The player will need to enter the enormous robot’s head at some point. Get Groot to build a bridge and immediately enter. Block Rocket’s path at the entryway. Look around from that distance and begin shooting.

Nearly 20 hives can be snagged in that area alone by the player.

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The next instance will take place right after Groot saves Rocket. Rocket will be too distracted talking to Gamora and Drax to shoot any of the hives. Slowly creep through, stopping whenever one is close enough to shoot.

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In the end, the player could have 20-30 points over Rocket. This should be enough to beat Rocket.

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Upon surviving multiple falls, you should reach the point where you find the Infinity Stone and win the bet and trophy “Eat It, Rodent.”

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