To win a game of Phasmophobia on Nightmare mode is a difficult task to pull off. However, with careful planning and speedy investigation work, you can make short work of Nightmare mode in Phasmophobia.

First things first, we recommend playing with friends or two so that you can get things done and coordinate your movements. Everyone should have a task and a piece of evidence to go after.

But before setting off and going after anything, you will need to be prepared for the challenge ahead. Unlike the other difficulties, you don’t have prep time this time around, and so you are a target as soon as you unlock that door.

Things are also a lot more challenging than the professional mode, so you will need to prepare. First, you will want to have smudge sticks on hand. These will be useful to allow you to get away and find a hiding spot on the map.

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Along with smudge sticks, you will want to make sure each person has a crucifix to stop the ghost from hunting in a small range.

Spread out to cover much ground with the crucifix and walk in a formation and cover a lot of ground as you search roams to test where the ghost room is.

Your second goal should be locating all hiding spots on the map and remembering them for later on. Locating the ghost room first will allow you to test all evidence types and narrow down the ghost’s identity quickly.

However, you won’t be able to identify one of the pieces of evidence. Because of this, you’ll need to make an educated guess once you find two evidence types.

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You will want to go through the list and look at each ghost that it could be and pick the one that fits best with how it behaved during the investigation and the two pieces of evidence.

Make sure to read ghost descriptions to help out with narrowing the list down, as some ghosts have specific weaknesses and strengths.

For example, if there are doors opening and phones ringing at the same time, it could mean the ghost is the twins, or if the ghost doesn’t make footstep sounds, it could mean it’s a wraith.

Keep an eye out for things such as this, and you will have an easier time identifying the ghost with only two pieces of evidence.

Also remember, to quickly shuffle through the evidence as you have a limited time before a hunt happens during nightmare mode, and when it does the duration of the hunt will be increased. If a hunt happens, and the ghost is nearby, light the smudge stick and head for the nearest hiding spot and stay there. Make sure to turn off all electronics, and don’t use your microphone during a hunt as well.

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