Expeditions: Rome requires players to step back and let their commanders handle legion battles, which are carried out in four phases. Players may only pick strategems that they wish to use for their legions. However, it is possible to make sure every battle is won with fewest number of casualties.

Make sure your army is mostly healed before a battle begins. Simply being close to the size of the enemy is good enough, even though your army doesn’t have to be a full legion of 4800.

How to win legion battles

Choose Commander

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Choosing the right commander ensures a high success rate. The higher the level of the commander, the better the chances of success. You won’t need to worry about insubordination if every commander is at least indifferent. Select a commander with a high success rate and survival rate.

Battle Phases

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Players choose strategems four times during the Battle Phases. You should always choose strategems that hurt the enemy (so long as it does not harm your own army very much). It hurts morale whenever players choose strategems that hurt their own army.

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If morale is low, it’s best to choose Celebrate as the final strategem. In the long run, it will benefit the player immensely because it boosts morale by 10. It may be tempting to hunt the enemy down, but regardless of their size, they will return later on.


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Players receive very little for defending regions. Upon taking over a region, however, they will receive many SlavesDenarii, and Rations. Make sure you replenish your army and keep the morale high.

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