One type of gambling in Bitlife is horse races, but winning them can be tricky, so here are some ideas and tricks to tip the scales in your favor. 

How to win horse bets in Bitlife

Overall winning horse races in Bitlife is up to chance, and the game seems to choose a random horse to win each race. However, one player on the Bitlife Reddit noticed some horses with specific names tend to win more than others. Because of this, it may be worth experimenting with placing bets on the following horses. 

  • Forrest Jump
  • Lady Laila
  • Bitizen
  • Simple Simon
  • Gee Whiz

Along with the names above, horses with either horse or greek god-themed names also appeared to win more often than not, unless there were horses with names listed above in the race. 

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That said, we recommend only experimenting with betting on the horses above if you have money to burn, as even these horses still have a chance to lose the race. 

Also, if you bet too much and too frequently, you might gain a gambling addiction, but you can avoid it for the most part by betting small amounts at a time. However, should you fall ill to a gambling problem, you can always get help at a normal rehab center or a luxury one via the health and mind tab. 

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