With Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer out for players to enjoy, there are several modes for players to test their skill in, including Oddball. In Oddball, the team that reaches the maximum score by hoarding the ball wins. It’s a game of keep-away with a flaming skull at the center. Make sure you’ve got some strategies on how to outsmart your opponent.

Here are several tips to improve your odds of winning Oddball.

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Play the Objective

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While this tip may seem obvious, it’s easy to lose focus and get caught up in enemy firefights. Only engage enemies when necessary. Kills don’t win the game. Holding the ball does.

Guard the Oddball carrier

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The user with the Oddball cannot use weapons. Their only option is to melee, which makes them incredibly vulnerable to enemy fire. If your teammate has the Oddball, act as both their sword and shield. Is someone shooting at them? Step in front of the shots and give some covering fire. There’s safety in numbers when playing Oddball.

Hug cover as the Oddball carrier

One of the easiest ways to avoid enemy fire is by removing their ability to shoot you down. Find an area of the map with multiple angles for cover, forcing your enemy to get close. Here, you’ll have a chance to get the drop on other players by hitting them with the Oddball as they round a corner. Just pray they don’t have a shotgun on hand.

Position yourself for an Oddball reset

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Are you outnumbered and alone as the ball carrier? Get close to the edge of a map and let the enemy kill you if you have no chance of surviving. An excellent way to prevent the enemy team from grabbing the ball is by forcing a reset upon your death. When a ball leaves the map, it returns to its original spawn, stopping your opponents from grabbing the ball from you if they take you out.

Keep Distance from the Opposing Carrier

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If the enemy team has the ball, get some range and start shooting. Without teammates to defend them, their only options are dropping the ball and firing back or running. Don’t charge the Oddball carrier and take away your ranged advantage.

Don’t be afraid to drop the Oddball

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If you’ve got an enemy firing at you from a distance, try dropping the ball and returning fire, especially when surrounded by teammates. Relinquish the ball to others if there’s a chance you can stop the attacker. Try not to drop the ball when you’re on your own unless there’s no other choice, though.

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