Return to Monkey Island has many enjoyable puzzles, and one of the funnier ones is the belching match in the Fish store. As you can imagine, this competition is as elegant as it sounds. It’s not that gross, and it’s necessary for the story. So buckle up, and get ready for a burping contest never before seen in the pirate world of Return to Monkey Island!

How to get Blowfish in Return to Monkey Island – Hard mode

During your adventuring on Hard mode, you’ll have the honor of becoming a Chum, a member of a semi-secret society of storytelling pirates. Their base of operations is a fish shop on High Street and a place where you can find a blowfish (you’ll need it later). To try to win a burping contest, talk to two pirates in the corner of the shop. They’ll be happy to compete, but it’ll end in a draw each time. Take these steps to win a belching competition:

  • Play Part 4 of Return to Monkey Island.
  • Talk to the pirate sitting on rubles of Scumm bar.
  • Ask about the exotic drink.
  • Take the drink
  • Go to the Fish shop on High Street.
  • Gulp exotic drink
  • Participate in a burping contest.
  • Congratulations, you got a blowfish!

Although this competition seems silly, you can’t get Bella Fisher’s Golden Key in Return to Monkey Island on Hard mode without a fish. This is just one of the many differences between Casual and Hard mode. Now that you’re a burping champion, you can continue your quest to find the secret of Monkey Island.

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