Like most online chat rooms, Roblox offers players the ability to send private messages to targeted users in the form of whispers. Even when playing in public servers, these whispers can only be seen by you and the player that you’ve selected—to a certain extent. So how do you create a whisper of your own, or know if you’re being whispered to? Continue reading below to find out.

Using whispers

To begin whispering with another player inside of an experience, you’ll first need to open the chat box. To do this, click inside of the text field in the upper left hand corner or press the / key on your keyboard. If you’re playing on Xbox, chat can be accessed by pressing the View button on your Xbox controller and then moving the left stick over until the chat bar is highlighted.

Once the chat box has been opened, type /w or /whisper into the text field followed by a space and the username of the player that you want to private message—in most cases, the username should be autocompleted for you and the command should be transformed to appear as [Tousersame]. Once this designation is created, continue typing your targeted message as normal and press enter.

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Another way to begin a whisper is by simply clicking on the player’s username from the chat box. To do this, scroll through the chat until you see the person that you want to message, click on their name, and then type your message once the [Tousername] appears in the text field.

Keep in mind however, that while your message may be hidden from other players in the chat box itself, it will still appear above your head as a text bubble. The only way to send a completely private message is by chatting with a user directly from their profile, a quick guide on which can be found below.

Sending messages

In order to send a message to another Roblox user, you’ll first need to send them a friend request and have them accept it—Roblox does not offer users the ability to message non-friends. Once this process is completed, access the profile of the person that you want to message and press the Chat button located next to the red Unfriend button. This will open the chat pop-up at the bottom of your screen—here you can send a private message to the user that you’ve selected.

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