Fans of Elden Ring can tune into the Twitch Rivals Elden Ring tournament on Jun. 1, 2022, at 2 PM PDT. Teams of popular streamers will compete for the title of champion, all while rising in the brackets of the competition. Watch the event on the Twitch Rivals channel on Twitch.

How to watch the Twitch Rivals 2v2 Elden Ring Challenge – Steam time, teams, & everything we know

Twitch Rivals is a large hub for fans to watch their favorite popular streamers compete against each other in popular games that are condensed into specific challenges. These events are live-streamed to the public on Twitch. The 2v2 Elden Ring Challenge will feature a variety of teams going head to head to win it all.

What is the Twitch Rivals 2v2 Elden Ring Challenge?

Like other Twitch Rival events, the 2v2 Elden Ring Challenge is a live-streamed tournament comprised of popular streamers playing against each other in bracket-style competition, with each winner ascending to the next level to play against another champion. There will be a separate PvE part of the tournament, but many eyes are on the two-hour PvP segments. Streamers like Mendo and DisguisedToast are will compete head-to-head to show off their Elden Ring prowess.

How to watch Twitch Rivals 2v2 Elden Ring Challenge

The Twitch Rivals 2v2 Elden Ring Challenge will, as many may assume, be held on Twitch. This makes sense, as Twitch is the creator of the event. The Twitch Rivals channel will host the event on Jun 1, 2022. Fans can follow the channel and hit the notification bell if they are afraid of missing the live stream.

What time is the Twitch Rivals Elden Ring Challenge?

The challenge for 2v2 Elden Ring will start on June 1, 2022, at 2 PM PDT. Here’s a breakdown of what time that is all around the world:

Los Angeles (PDT)Jun. 1, 2:00 PM
Mexico City (CDT)Jun. 1, 4:00 PM
New York City (EDT)Jun. 1, 5:00 PM
London (BST)Jun. 1, 10:00 PM
Moscow (MSK)Jun. 2, 12:00 AM
Mumbai (IST)Jun. 2, 2:30 AM
Beijing (CST)Jun. 2, 5:00 AM
Sydney (AEST)Jun. 2, 7:00 AM
Auckland (NZST)Jun. 2, 9:00 AM

What teams are playing in the Twitch Rivals Elden Ring Challenge?

There are several starting teams in the challenge, and we only know the beginning ones. Similar to other large tournaments like March Madness, the challenge will work on a bracket based on who wins the opening games. Here are the matchups for the Twitch Rivals 2v2 Elden Ring PvP challenge:


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