In the final days of May, The FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) Finals will finally be upon us. In the tournament, players from around the world will compete to take home their share of the $3,0000,000 prize pool. Here is how players can watch the series from their homes!

Where to Watch

There are two official options listed on the Fortnite website for where you can watch the series. The first is, of course, at However, if you want to watch the FNCS natively on Twitch, you can follow the correct link for your language of choice below.

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When to Watch

Each region has its own broadcast schedule. We’ve covered the broadcast schedule for the European Union, North America, and Brazil in the lists below.

EU Region Broadcast (English, French, Spanish, German)

Start Time12:00pm CST / 7:00pm CET
Game Coverage12:15pm CST / 7:00pm CET
End of Broadcast~3:30pm CST / 10:30pm CET

NA Region Broadcast (English)

Start Time4:00pm CST
NAE Game Coverage4:15pm CST
Break~7:30pm CST
NAW Game Coverage~8:15pm CST
End of Broadcast~11:30pm CST

BR Region Broadcast (Portuguese)

Start Time3:50pm BRT
Game Coverage4:15 BRT
End of Broadcast~7:30pm BRT

That’s all there is to know about how to watch the FNCS this year! Don’t forget, if you want more great Fortnite coverage and guides, be sure to visit our Fortnite hompage for all our latest info!

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