We are now in Week 14 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, which means we are facing a new set of legendary challenges. One of the Legendary Challenges this week is from Doctor Slone, to warn characters of the impending doom. This is likely a reference to the fact that in a few days, Doctor Slone is going to launch an all-out assault on the aliens invading the island.

To complete this quest, you simply need to interact with three NPCs and let them know about what’s about to happen. To do that, the first thing you’ll need is the list of NPCs and where you can find them. In the map below, we show you every NPC location. Below that, we have a short description of where you’ll find them at their point on the map.

NPC locations in Fortnite up to C2S7W10.
  1. Abstrakt: In the northeastern corner of Retail Row.
  2. Human Bill: In the building in the northeast corner of Steamy Stacks.
  3. Guggimon: Walking around the base of Lockie’s Lighthouse.
  4. Sunny: Walking the boardwalk in Believer Beach.
  5. Bunker Jonesy: Near Lumber Lodge, south-by-southwest of Misty Meadows.
  6. Bushranger: Patrolling the area west of Risky Reels.
  7. Dreamflower: At Flopper Pond, east of Holly Hedges.
  8. Joey: In the northwestern corner of Dirty Docks.
  9. Hayseed: At Steel Farm, northwest of Corny Complex.
  10. Marigold: In the southeastern corner of Lazy Lake.
  11. Maven: At Dinky Dish, a new location just barely southeast of FN Radio.
  12. Rick Sanchez: At Defiant Dish, northwest of Primal Pond.
  13. Riot: Near Yellow Steel Bridge, east of Misty Meadows.
  14. Rook: At Dockside Dish, a base near the large hill northeast of Canoe Lake.
  15. Special Forces: At the located named **REDACTED**, east of Catty Corner.
  16. Swamp Stalker: In the southwestern corner of the map, south of Slurpy Swamp.
  17. Doctor Slone: In the underground base beneath Corny Complex.
  18. Zyg and Choppy: Directly southwest of Pleasant Park and across the river from the Guardian of the Sea spire.
  19. Kymera: At Coral Castle, close to the waterfall on the eastern side.
  20. Clark Kent: At the farmhouse on the northern side of The Orchard.
  21. Armored Batman: Near the UFO in the warehouse complex on the souther side of Dirty Docks.
  22. Beast Boy: Walking along the bridge on the western half of Weeping Woods.

When you have approached any of the NPCs listed above, you can warn them by interacting with them to pull up the conversation radial. Normally, they would initially show you what they have to sell, or let you hire them. While you’re doing this quest, however, they will have an option that shows three dots (“. . .“). Press those dots to warn them about the impending doom, and it will add a tally to the total amount of NPCs you’ve warned.

When you warn three of the NPCs, the quest is marked as complete! You’re now ready to move on to the next quest.

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