To wall jump in F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch is straightforward. First, you need to find a wall and jump into it while holding the analog stick in the direction of the wall. Rayton will then stay in place on the wall for a second before starting to slide down it. As soon as you hit the wall, or anytime upon sliding down it, press X on the controller, and Rayton will jump off the wall to gain some extra height.

Wall jump is the first ability you acquire in this Metroidvania and will allow you to access new heights. Yet, the first thing you need to master with this new ability is to hold the direction you want to jump in. If you let go of the analog stick while Rayon is holding the wall if you jump, he’ll jump straight upwards. You need to hold down a direction if you want Rayton to jump a certain way,

For example, if you are jumping off a wall to the right of the screen, to hop over the wall to get to a new area. Hold down right on the analog stick, then when you initiate the wall jump, Rayton will drift towards that direction, allowing you to get to new platforms of the game.

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