Final Fantasy 14 is notorious for its highly positive and non-toxic community. Even so, sometimes, whether it’s because they’re AFK, rude, or something else, you need to kick or dismiss someone from a duty in FFXIV.

Luckily, it’s straightforward to kick someone from a party in a duty in Final Fantasy XIV. First, press the O key on your keyboard to bring up the Social menu. Then right-click the person who you want to kick and select Vote Dismiss.

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This will bring up the Dismissal vote box. Select a valid reason for dismissal and select Commence. The vote will then be sent to other party members, apart from the target of your vote.

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Once a person is dismissed, they will be kicked from your group. They will not be told who started the vote to have them dismissed. 

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Make sure never to kick someone who doesn’t deserve it! As per the warning on the menu, unjustified uses of vote dismiss can and will be punished. Valid reasons for kicking someone are AFKOfflineHarassment, or Cheating. But be reasonable! If someone has told you they’ll be AFK for a few minutes, kicking them before they get back could land you in hot water with admins.

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