Cookie Run: Kingdom allows players to customize their Kingdoms however they want. With a growing selection of thematic Decors, you can turn your Kingdom into a Vanilla-inspired paradise, a cozy winter village, or even a tropical abode.

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Placing Waterways and Tiles are two ways you can turn your Kingdom’s default green lawn into something a little less boring.

How to Purchase

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Tiles and Waterways can be purchased from the Decor shop for 1,000 Coins. These are usually named Tile, Road, Canal, Waterway, or Channel—all of them take the form of 4×4 flooring. You only need to purchase the item once to use it unlimited times in your Kingdom.

How to Use

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On the bottom left of the screen, click on the Layout menu and select Tiles & Waterways. There, you’ll find your existing lineup of Tiles, along with a toggle on the bottom of the screen that brings you to your inventory of Waterways.

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Simply choose the design you want to use and drag it across any part of your lawn. While players can drag the Tiles underneath existing structures, Waterways can only be placed when there’s enough room for a 4×4 Decor. Likewise, it can only be dragged to form a larger pool when there’s enough room for more 4×4 Decors. 


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Any land Decor and building can be placed on top of Tiles. Meanwhile, you can place any water Decor inside Waterways. These are marked by a water symbol on the upper left. Cookies can interact with interactable Decors inside Waterways but can’t directly enter the water to swim.

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