Loop Hero is a tactical deck-building roguelike where every decision impacts your game and the story. As you play, your memories will return to you, and you will unlock new cards, tiles, and more. One such tile and building you can unlock is the watchtower. You might be wondering how to use this tile.

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The watchtower has a unique function in Loop Hero. When placed, it will allow human crossbowmen to join you in combat on the tiles adjacent to your camp. You can place up to four watchtowers on the map, and they can be upgraded. Upgrading your watchtower allows your crossbowmen to aid you in tiles further from the camp and their damage.

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Once you unlock watchtowers, a good strategy is to start placing enemies closer to your camp. Crossbowmen can help you take down stronger enemies and fights where more enemies spawn. But one thing to note is that crossbowmen will not assist you during boss fights.

Planning your tile placement is critical in Loop Hero. One mistake could cost your hero their life. Having watchtowers and crossbowmen on the map is an excellent way to provide some security and needed help.

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