One of the most important and fun parts of any MMORPG is the community and playing with friends. Zenith: The Last City offers players a way to communicate with a built-in voice chat. This may leave some players wondering how to use voice in Zenith: The Last City.

Zenith: The Last City features proximity chat and multiple settings you can change. You can change your voice settings in the menu by clicking on the speaker icon. Here, you can switch between global, party, or guild chat. At the bottom of this menu, you have the option to deafen other players or muting yourself.

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Global chat will allow you to hear all players around you, while party chat and guild chat will only let you hear those in your party and guild. Keep in mind that all players will need to be in the party or guild chat, or else they will be able to hear global chat as well.

You can also adjust the volume of other players and both music and sound effects here. Zenith: The Last City offers numerous options for any player’s comfort level when it comes to voice chat.

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