Using Trish on your team in Triangle Strategy may seem intimidating at first. What to do with her can be tricky, as her deeper talents may not seem immediately apparent. Don’t fear, though, as Trish fits right into any team with some careful planning.

What can Trish from Triangle Strategy do?

Trish is a Treasure Hunter with a high amount of agility, strength, and accuracy. She uses a bow as her main weapon, meaning she is a character who will work best at a distance. Trish is not an ideal candidate for close-range combat due to her lack of melee weaponry and having none of the crucial abilities often used in close-range attacks.

How to best utilize Trish in Triangle Strategy

Trish’s character trait to look out for is her high mobility, especially when you have gotten her to higher levels. Once she has been sufficiently upgraded, she is used best as a thief on the battlefield who collects a lot of loot as the bigger battle goes on around her. She can even steal items from enemies at a distance and pick up items from tiles without stopping.

Her Item Gatherer, Plundering Shot, and Leap abilities are important to focus on. Make sure to upgrade her bow to the Trickster short bow to get access to the Act Again ability. Pair Trish with Lionel, Jade Thumb Ring, and Golden Pinkie Ring for an unstoppable coin farming asset to your team.

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