The winter update of Phasmophobia, Cursed Possessions, adds a handful of new items that players can use to interact with the ghost they’re hunting. The Cursed Possessions are a part of each contract that players will have to learn to use, and one of these Cursed Possessions players will find the Tortured Voodoo Doll. What does this item do in Phasmophobia?

Like the other Cursed Possessions, Tortured Voodoo Dolls add ways for the hunters and ghosts to interact with one another.

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  • Tortured Voodoo Dolls
    • Description: These eerie, cute dolls are known for causing harm to others. Using the Voodoo Doll causes sanity to drop by 10% each time it’s used. Hitting the heart will trigger a Cursed Hunt.
      • How to use: Picking up the Voodoo Doll will force the ghost to interact with the environment. The pins are selected randomly, and some may impact the user moreso than the ghost.

The Voodoo Doll is just one of the new items introduced in the Cursed Possessions update of Phasmophobia. For more information on the rest of the added items, be sure to check out the Patch notes listed in the Tweet from Kinetic Games below:

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