Here we explain how and where you should use the Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia.

How to use the Parabolic Microphone tool in Phasmophobia 

To use the Parabolic Microphone, you will need to turn it on by left-clicking and point it in a direction to locate the ghost’s current position via sound in a range of 30 meters and a width of six meters. Upon turning the device on, we recommend moving it slowly around in different directions to try and find where the ghost’s current position is. 

It also works through walls and will pick up sounds if the ghost starts throwing stuff or walking around. You can tell when the device starts working its magic when the numbers on it start to go up – they will also increase when the microphone is pointed in the direction of a spooky ghost. Along with locating the ghost’s location, the device can also help you detect ghost footsteps if you point the thing in its current direction.

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However, the Parabolic Microphone also has its quirks, and one is that it will pick up all sounds, including ones made by players and other devices. Because of this, you should definitely communicate with other players when you are about to use the device to avoid detecting false ghost activity. 

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