You don’t have to play As Dusk Falls alone, nor do you need friends who also have bought the game. just download the Companion App and get started on your journey to cooperative story chaos. Can you all make decisions together?

What does the Companion App for As Dusk Falls do? 

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The As Dusk Falls Companion App adds a deeper level of gameplay that factors in the voices of multiple people at once. You can have your friends and loved ones download the Companion App and vote for decisions. Depending on what everyone votes, there can be wildly different decisions made within the game. Your friends can also help complete quick-time events. To get the As Dusk Falls Companion App, you’ll need to either download the iOS or Google Play version.

Do all Companion App users need to be on the same network?

To be able to have your friends and family vote on the Companion App, you will all need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. This means that even if they have the app, friends who are not on the Wi-Fi network that you are running the game on cannot play. To officially get the Companion App running in As Dusk Falls, you’ll need to change the input device within the game (the option will pop up on the pause screen).

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