Ultimate Team has received some upgrades in Madden 23 including an expanded Marketplace where packs, players, and cosmetics can be purchased and sold with different types of currency. The Auction House and Trade Block are also available in the Marketplace, so there are more ways to purchase, sell, and trade players than in previous years.

The Marketplace can be found in the Madden 23 Ultimate Team tab. Limited offers, the Store, Auction House, Trade Block, and unopened packs can be found here. The Store is where you can purchase packs, players, cosmetics, and training items. The store is always updating with new deals and packs, so check back often to see what is available.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Store

The Store allows you to purchase items for various Madden currencies. Madden Points, Training Points, and Coins are used to purchase all items within the store. Madden Points can be purchased with real money, while Training Points are earned by selling players, and Coins are earned by playing games and completing challenges. Here are all the sections of the store and what you can find there.

  • Featured: Any new Bundles, new player cards, and starter packs
  • Headliners: Headliners Packs, Headliners Players
  • Select Offers: Sales, Sets
  • Training: Training Packs, Headliner Players
  • Gear: Jerseys, Cosmetics
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Madden 23 Ultimate Team Auction House

The Auction House will be familiar to players who have played Ultimate Team in previous Madden titles. The Auction House is where you can purchase and sell players for ever-changing values. Player cards can be bought and sold with Madden Coins. The Auction House has an in-depth search to help you find any player from any set, as well as tools to help you create your own auction with time limits, starting bids, and buy-now prices.

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Trade Block

The Trade Block allows Ultimate Team players to offer players up for trades and make active trades with other Ultimate Team players. To put a player up for trade, you must go to your Item Binder in the My Team tab, select your player, then select Trade. You can put in trade block length, what type of player you are looking for, and any requirements for trade.

Using the Marketplace in Ultimate Team will help you create a powerful team capable of taking on any opponent. Just remember to check back for new pack deals, especially any that can be purchased with Training Points or Coins.

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